The sense of research lies in the path undertaken, not in the goal. The purpose of travel is the journey itself, not the arrival. Tiziano Terzani



One of the founding values and principles of our thinking. From here everything unfolds, respect is an essential condition for what we do every day, it is respect for our profession, for our being together many hours a day, it is respect for our guests, respect for the taste, for the material first from the selection to its processing in recipes and flavors, respect for the environment and for our land


The flavor we seek in every dish and in every journey comes from matter, which is raw material, carefully selected product, but also matter of thought, topic of reflection that comes to us from the anecdotes of the history and geography of the places, starting from our mountains and down to the sea, to build taste. Everything for us is matter, in its concreteness as much as in its abstraction


Needless to deny it, when they teach it in school, history is a succession of chronologies of battles and wars and struggles for the dominion of territories and nations, with the succession of names of leaders, kings and queens. For us, history is simply the place we live in every day, a book to read by traveling through it, investigating why we are today what we are through gestures and inheritances that we have received or have forgotten. Our taste and our Way always pass through here, from our collective past, to be leafed through and translated into today and tomorrow, sharing it with you at the table


Source of environment is a broad concept, and embraces objective elements, the interaction between various living and non-living elements, concerns biology and philosophy, behavioral ethics but also feelings. At the Tana the environment is all of this, it is attention to what surrounds us, understood as a habitat, as an interweaving of relationships between us and nature, and also concerns the desire to make it intimate and welcoming, so that the journey is as possible all-encompassing, also it is not necessarily comfortable. But you’ll be the one to find out along the way


Travel is one of our key words, emblem of the movement of flavors and emotions that make up our “In Cammino” journey every season, to discover the stages that we have designed for you and with you together with the soundtrack that also involves the hearing and amplifies the sensory experience. You travel standing still, but you experience the journey by involving all the senses


One of the most frequent words of this era is certainly identity, especially in catering. But it is also true that there is an ever greater need for awareness and recognition in order to make one’s way. For us, identity is an awareness, of course, but also the desire to be who we are because we are exactly in this place and in this moment. As if to say, La Tana Gourmet is known because it is located exactly in Asiago, at this precise moment in history. Identity is knowledge of ourselves in a close one-to-one relationship with what surrounds us


Dialogue is an essential word for us. As ancient philosophy maintains, dialogue means meeting each other, confronting each other, questioning each other, and arriving together at shared answers, in the name of respect and the achievement of the good of all. In Cammino comes from dialogue, from its conception to its daily realization together with you


You can share an opinion, an ideal, a project, a joy, a panorama, a table, a taste, a gesture. In all of this you can share a journey, a path, or rather, a journey. Our Path has already begun, and we can only do it by sharing it with you


There can be no taste without thought, and for us thought is the beginning and end that allows us to work together every day, through discussions, food for thought, the ideas that each of us in the kitchen and in the dining room manages to put into play

Thought is the engine of La Tana, aimed at transforming itself into a journey into taste that is renewed and rediscovered with you every new season


Like respect, ethics is also one of our core values. Ethics and no label, a daily commitment that arises spontaneously in us in cultivating industriousness in accordance with the virtuoso energies that surround us, without prevarication, but observing precepts of continuous exchange with what nature offers us, in an ideal symbiosis to share with you at the table