in Cammino

feet on the ground and head firmly in the air

Our menu is a tasting journey built through matter, through a territory, Asiago, its products, its traditions and ubiquitous contaminations

Ours are ideas and reflections on food which, by choice and by evolution, are free from any pattern

We offer two menus every year, one in summer and one in winter, linked to the two seasons in which the restaurant is open to the public

The menu is never published, it will only be revealed during the meal, because discovery and surprise are integral parts of the experience itself and the mouth must be relieved of the preconceptions of the mind

It is based on the use of meat, fish, molluscs, offal, dairy products, wild herbs and vegetables from the gardens, which are the pillars on which our traditions are based

We are sorry but we cannot modify the menu for those who observe vegetarian or vegan diets or cannot consume dairy products

MENU “In Cammino” Euro 220
MENU “In Cammino” + Pairing Euro 300

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